modern love

would it be so bad,
he asks himself
on another night
spent like a thousand
nights before,

to be alone,
to lock oneself away
from a world
full of cuts and bruises;
thorns and thistles–

all the hit and runs
of modern love,
they are meaningless
in the end; they amount
to nothing.

tonight, the stars
shine brilliantly
over a city
full of people
with hollow chests;

they sit low
in the sky like fruit–
you could almost
reach up
and grab them

to bring them down
to fill the hole
in your chest
where your heart
once was–

but all
you get
are shadows filled
with what was,
and is lost.


Winter Rains

Swift winter
Rains fall,
Drown the dead
Lands; nourish
The green ache
Sprouted forth
From the soil.

Cold fingers
Curve around
Cigarettes lit
To stave off
The chill
That encroaches
Like smoke.

Nothing to do but sit
And wait for the storm to pass;
For though clouds
And rain envelop
This fragile world,
Still does the sun
Yet shine.



Rescue 2/6/15

At this distance, I cannot see
What there is to do for you—
No matter how loud the siren-sound,
No matter how quick my pace to your floor,
I know it shall be silence to greet me at the door.
You unravel a carpet of red from your hands;
The well-worn path I tread where the best-laid
Plans have been cast down as ash in the hollow halls.
Here I am—in the midst of the maze you have built to deflect me—
Still, I am drawn on towards you, stung on by intentions
More pure and true than the price you place on your shoulders.